Re-entering your community after a period of incarceration is hard. People need help figuring out where they can live, what jobs and training are open to them, what assistance they are eligible. Even the people helping them (friends, lawyers, parole officers, social workers, counselors and many more) need help figuring out what resources are available and how they can access them.

This is why Code for Asheville is about to launch a re-entry resources site for Buncombe County – this was a request from Christiana Tugman on the Buncombe County Re-Entry Council, who has single-handedly been their local resource for both service providers (lawyers, social workers, parole officers, etc.) and prisoners. Because this project is mostly linking to outside resources and most of those resources can be queried for any county, it’s pretty straightforward to create a duplicate site for other places in NC, and according to Christiana, there’s already interest from her peers. Find out more about this project, and how you can deploy this project in your local community during the Saturday code sprint!