Friday September 29 (un)Conference Schedule (aka the grid)

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Here is the unconference schedule. Everyone should take notes in their session via Google Docs

Friday, September 29; 1:00-5:00pm

Time Asheville | Table 1


Cary | Table 2 Durham | Table 3 Greensboro | Table 4 Raleigh | Table 5
1:00pm Redoing Open Raleigh

Bonnie Brown

Build 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours

Carole Williams

Citizen and community engagement online

Travis Bailey

Bring coding to Wake County Schools

Shah Kunal

Red alerts – urgent specific weather alerting

Jim Scarborough

2:00pm Mapping open data’s use

Stephen Larrick

First mile / last mile – Bike share + Lime Bike

Lory Mills

Code for NC – Making it real

Eric Jackson / Jason Marshall

What private data should be open


Hiring a milkshake – match value prop to you customers

Kevin Wright

3:00pm workshop + discuss the challenges for and Code for NC

Bill Scanlon / Chris Mathews / Patrick McGarry

Re-establish and recruit members for Code for Cary

Janelle Bailey


I hate public hearings

Jason Baker

Using open data to mobilize volunteers (NC ranks #37)


GitHub 101

Jim Scarborough / Mark Hutchinson

4:00pm Affordable house hackathon and how to engage the conversation

Emily DeHoog / Chris Mathews

How to make our movement inclusive


How to establish a Code for America ambassador program

Mark Hutchinson

Potty – where do you take your child when nature calls

Jim Scarborough

Unlocking open data’s network effect

Patrick McGarry

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