Code for Raleigh asks elected officials to help shape NC Open Pass projects

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Meet and Greet with Raleigh Mayor validates projects and opens door for affordable housing project

Code for Raleigh wanted to hear from some of our elected officials about issues we could help address during our upcoming events series with CityCamp NC and NC DataPalooza. We set-up a meeting with Mayor Nancy McFarlane and City Councilors Mary-Ann Baldwin and Bonner Gaylord to discuss these opportunities and listen to their feedback and ideas.

We gathered at the Holt Brothers Foundation in Downtown Raleigh on August 11, 2017 (thanks Mary-Ann for hosting). The meeting was very informal and designed to allow our elected officials to meet the event organizers and for us to get a better understanding of some of the top issues the City of Raleigh is facing that could help shape our event programming.

Chris Mathews, CityCamp NC and NC Datapalooza organizer, started off the discussion by explaining some of the work we’ve started with Wake County to align and prioritize our desired outcomes from the events. The three projects we are preparing in partnership with Wake County for the fall events are:

  • Parks and Rec park finder – an app to find all the parks and greenways across the Triangle, including programs and amenities in all municipalities
  • Not just a flu-shot finder – an app to where you can search for where to get flu shots and expanding the capabilities to include other health-related needs such as finding narcan and prescription drop-off locations
  • Business development diversity accelerator – looking at ways to help minority and under-represented people turn their business ideas into actual businesses by providing resources to streamline the business-creation process

There was some great discussion that came out from going over these initiatives and we got some excellent feedback and direction from our elected officials. Then Mayor McFarlane and Councilors Baldwin and Gaylord shared some of their thoughts from what they are seeing from the City of Raleigh. One of the top issues is around affordable housing. And the challenge here goes beyond how to find affordable housing based on your specific situation, but to include other factors such as transit options to create a more holistic picture of the total costs of affordability.

Next Steps

One of the action items we determined was to connect with Zillow to look at getting some of their data to help assess what we could potentially do as a project from affordable housing. The City and County data programs will use CityCamp NC to help kickstart an affordable housing task force and we’re considering doing a hackathon in early 2018. Stay tuned!

Save the date

These topics will help seed project teams for the NC Open Pass events. Mark your calendars for with these important dates for the fall of 2017 and get your NC Open Pass today to reserve your seat. If you have another idea to help improve our community, start thinking about the projects you can bring to CityCamp NC and NC DataPalooza.

  • CityCamp NC, September 28-30, 2017
  • NC DataPalooza, November 13, 2017

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