CityCamp NC to include Saturday Sessions

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In partnership with the National Day of Civic Hacking, this year’s CityCamp NC has free admission for those of you that can only attend on Saturday, May 31.  Join other area civic hackers in helping to make your city a better place to live.  Starting at 9:00 am, you will be introduced to civic hacking 101 and brought up-to-speed on the CityCamp format for ideas.  Here are five reasons you should come to William Peace University on Saturday to experience National Day of Civic Hacking:

1. It’s free!  Register now.

2. Opportunity to join an existing CityCamp NC build team:  If the existing CityCamp NC teams are in need of a developer, then you are welcome to join in and help them build a prototype and/or presentation on the goodness that they are creating.  We can match you up if you are interested in one of their projects.

3. Meet smart, like-minded folks:  CityCamp NC is one of the few events each year focused around civic innovation where you can meet all types of people and work together on a common goal.

4. Hack away: There will be guest access computers available in a computer lab, but feel free to bring your laptop.  Mere mortals are welcome.  All levels of skill will be present, from entrepreneurial types, policy wonks, civic geeks, noob coders, and craftsman.  Here are just a few quick ideas that you can hack on, but no official agenda has been set.

  • Google Fiber sign up page – create a fiber education website that let’s people sign up who are interested in getting fiber to their home or business.  Display those who have signed up on a map.
  • Hack on Mixare an open source augmented reality engine so that it can be ported to Google Glass.  (There is a rumour that you will be able to test out Google Glasses at the event).
  • Extend the RGreenway mobile app to include more greenway trails and cities.
  • Work on a Triangle Quality of Life Dashboard.
  • Brainstorm and build projects around ‘gig apps’.  Apps that can leverage ludicrous speed aka fiber.
  • Learn how to create a simple yet powerful mapping web application in leaflet.js in less than 20 lines of code.
  • Learn how to mobilize your html/css/javascript using Phonegap/Apache Cordova.
  • Insert your idea here…

5. Watch the CityCamp NC team presentations at 4:00 pm.  If you have never attended a CityCamp, then you are in for a treat.  You can also watch the 2014 Multi-City Innovation Campaign finalists at 1:00pm via Google Hangouts.

So do something fun this Saturday and stop by CityCamp NC to experience the National Day of Civic Hacking—you will be glad that you did.

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